Creating a classy bachelor's pad

By Standard Reporter | Thursday, Aug 9th 2018 at 11:15
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Spacious elegant penthouse

When creating a classy bachelor’s pad, it is best to use two or, at most, three colours.

Avoid pastels such as pink and green and use solid colours to decorate. Avoid printed florals, frills and lacework. Instead, use dark solid colours for curtains and furnishings.

Elegant bachelor pad

Use original leather or suede material for casual modern sofa sets in black or grey shades. Creative alternatives are now available in furniture shops such as imitation or synthetic leather.

A suave and sophisticated bachelor pad

Use grey and crisp white curtains and bedding to give the bedroom a calm feeling. Look for furniture that have geometrical shapes. A low level large square coffee table is more appealing than a round one.  

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