Kabi WaJesus admits to fathering child after DNA test

YouTuber Peter Kabi alias Kabi WaJesus. [Courtesy: Instagram, Kabi]

Vlogger Kabi WaJesus has admitted he is the father of a seven-year-old girl following a DNA test that came back positive.

In a statement released on Thursday, Kabi said he sired Abby in 2013 and apologized for his January 2021 fight against the paternity claim.

“I wish to confirm that yesterday (Wednesday) paternity results were issued that confirmed that I am the biological father of the child. The results confirm that, in 2013 (which was before I got born again and married), I sired Abby. I know this news comes as a shock to many of you who follow and watch us. I also know that my public comments about this matter gave a false impression which I deeply regret,” stated Kabi.

In an apology to his fans and family, Kabi said the DNA result was a "relief" and assured that he would take parental responsibility for his daughter.

“With the paternity results out, it is a relief as we can now chat the way forward together with the mother for the welfare of our child. I am immediately reaching out to her so that we can discuss and agree on her future,” shared Kabi.

The YouTuber, famed for his The WaJesus Family channel with wife, Millicent Wambui Ng'ang'a alias Milly WaJesus, added: “As we all agree and I acknowledge, the interest of the child is paramount. I know I must take full responsibility for all my actions, to my child, to my family, and also to you my fans. I have sought forgiveness from God, my family and I also seek your forgiveness. Moving forward I will do everything in my power to take care of my child, as a father.”

A message echoed by Milly who signalled she is ready to support her husband and expressed confidence in integrating Abby into their family.

“Guys as you can guess, this has not been easy. But you know, life is never easy. I understand that we all have a past. And sometimes that past is tough and hard to understand. But I am also a mother, and I know that every child needs love and support from the parents. As a mother, I will do all that is possible to assist my husband to support Abby, and to make sure that she integrates into our family,” stated Milly.  

Kabi WaJesus' statement. [Instagram, Standard]

Claims that he sired the child first emerged three months ago after Abby's aunt took to social media and revealed to blogger Edgar Obare how Kabi's baby mama was struggling to raise the seven-year-old alone.

Obare in turn exposed a letter, purportedly from a lawyer, demanding that Kabi pays Sh181, 895 in child support, and shared photos of the YouTuber's supposed meeting with Abby in 2014, swirling the rumours further.

Refuting allegations that he was a deadbeat dad, Kabi – at the time – explained that he shrugged the demand letter off as an extortionist racket. He claimed that the woman alleged to be his ex was his cousin.

“The lady you see in this picture is my cousin, and the baby we took this picture with is called Abby – she is my niece. How can someone say you are the father of your cousin’s child? Then another photo surfaced of my cousin, and in the photo, I captioned, "Just got her home" on my Instagram page. These two are now being used, just because I posted their photos online. Why would someone want to put an innocent child in such light? It’s so unfortunate that we had to drag this child and my family through this,” said Kabi in January.

Commenting on the saga, Milly told her WaJesus Family followers that they would no longer post pictures of their kin on social media in order to protect their privacy.

‘’We have decided to keep our family and friends private and so when you no longer see them on our videos, it’s not that we have parted ways, we just want to protect them," said Milly.