I don’t let diabetes control my life

I have never been admitted to hospital for whatever illness. I don’t even remember getting sick any day in my life. The only time I was suspicious of my health was when I developed fever while I worked on a plantation in Nakuru last year. Then, my job was to cut maize stalks which I used to make silage.

I immediately suspected pollen from the plantation and prepared a strong concoction which I drank for a few days to bring down the fever. I had made a mixture of ginger, lime, garlic and lemon to prepare the concoction. But the fever didn’t go away.

I also started urinating more than before. At night especially, I could wake up to six times in a single night to use the washroom. Then I was always thirsty and tired. I had to quit my job and went back home in Nandi. In only two months, I lost 30 kgs. From 80 kgs, I was now weighing only 50 kgs.

When I went home, I visited many traditional medicine men who gave me one herbal medicine after the other but the medication was not working. I started losing sight which was a wake call for me. By the time I decided to seek medical attention at a hospital in Chepterit, I had lost interest in a lot of things and my wife could no longer understand me. Also, people who couldn’t understand why I had lost so much weight in a short time people started talking behind my back, only a few were bold enough to ask me what I was suffering from. 

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I went to hospital in November last year where tests revealed that I had diabetes. My blood sugar was also high. It was a bit relieving having found out what was happening to my body. Doctors prescribed an insulin injection to balance my blood sugars. I was also put on medication to manage my blood pressure.

Today, I visit the hospital three times every week to undergo tests that are meant to keep my blood pressure and blood sugars at check. I also spend about Sh10,000 on medication every month. Part of the doctor’s instruction was also to avoid certain kinds of foods including meat and potatoes. I also don’t take sugar.

I also eat a lot of fruits. Doctors also recommended eating small quantities after every short while to replenish my energy. I also carry a bottle of water everywhere I go because I have to drink a lot of water. Additionally, I try as much as possible to avoid stressful moments because stress doesn’t go well with people with diabetes.

Sticking to the doctor’s instructions has done me good so far. In less than three months, I was able to regain weight and I now weigh 67 kilos. My blood pressure is also stable. From the six times I used to wake up to pass water, I only wake up once these days.

I am lucky to be surrounded by a supportive network of friends and family, especially my immediate family. Only my family understands my delicate diet and they do everything possible to prepare my meals in a way that the doctor prescribed them. Back in the village, I talk to men battling diabetes. And I always tell them that the secret to leading a normal life is sticking to the doctor’s instruction. It is advice that I would give to any other person with the same condition out there.

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