Too busy is a myth

“You make time for what is important to you, “Anonymous

On Saturday, I sat down to watch Beyonce’s documentary, Life is But a Dream.

Earlier in the morning, I had been moaning to my sister about how I needed to get some things done but couldn’t because I barely had the time.

I argued that between my work and family, I had no time to spare for friends or personal development goals. This was after realising that nothing on my 2018 New Year’s resolutions was crossed out. And so my sister suggested that I watch a woman who did so much with her time, yet had the same number of hours in a day as I did.

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Well, firstly, I think Beyonce is a superstar. Don’t roll your eyes yet. Have you watched her shows? The lady doesn’t even need to have flawless dance moves, she could just croon while the dancers do their thing and still win awards.

She practices her vocals every damn day, co-writes all her music, co-produces and produces some of her videos, she is as fit as they come (furtively glancing at my ‘get fit’ resolution), she is a mother (can’t blame my two for hogging my time, she has three) and a wife.

She wins awards, gets her music out like clockwork and takes no prisoners. But what do I do? I work, spend some time with my people then slump on the sofa for a few hours of TV then sleep and the sequence repeats.  

The 90 minute video taught me a few things:

1. In 100 years, none of us will be here

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Think about it. Chances are you will be dead. Our life expectancy is about 63 anyway. So why don’t you just tick off all those things you want to get done before you definitely can’t? 

2. We dedicate time to others, but not to ourselves

You strategise for your employer’s success, you put in the hours, at least eight of them, but when it comes to what would make your quality of everyday living better, (hobbies, new skills and relationships), you really don’t have the time. 

3. You can make time

You could read on your way to work. You could visit your parents if you really wanted to, you could spend more time with your spouse and children, hike that mountain, and attend that class you always wanted to. You just have to want it really bad. 

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Have a productive week.

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