Basco launches paint as Kitengela gets new project

Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, Aidah Munano and Basco Paints chairman Anil Shah show off a tin of the new Duracoat Silicone Exterior Paint soon after the launch. [PHOTO: JAMES WANZALA/STANDARD]

NAIROBI: Basco Paints has launched a new silicon-based paint within the Duracoat portfolio that it says is resistant to weather elements.

“Duracoat Silicone range has a 15-year warranty and was developed in line with international standards and global best practice in paint manufacturing,” said Kamlesh Shah, Basco Paints MD. “We are confident that this is a game-changer in the construction industry and solves the age-old challenge of flaking, cracking and ageing of exterior coatings over a period of time.”

Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion is a water-based paint that is resistant to extreme temperatures, weathering, ageing, oxidation, moisture and ultra-violet radiation. The range protects buildings from physical and visible effects of weather damage caused by drastic climatic conditions globally.

Meanwhile, Kitengela has welcomed yet another gated community development that targets middle-class home buyers.

Investors in Zari Greens will buy land and put up their own houses using designs of their choice.  Perminus Kiage, the CEO of Landlord Holdings, the firm behind the Zari Greens, says they are offering plots measuring 50ft by 100ft (an eighth of an acre) in a secure environment that is conducive for bringing up a family.

Kiage says those who buy land at Zari Greens decide the design of their houses. “Here, we have decided to do away with the monotony of putting up uniform houses. Everyone has the liberty to come up with the design he or she loves,” he said.

The project is located three kilometres off the Kitengela-Kajiado Highway and can be accessed by a murram road. It is 30 kilometres from the city centre.

Among the services to be provided are ready borehole water for every plot, and cabro-paved access roads whose construction is ongoing. It has already been connected to electricity.

Cash buyers will pay Sh1,850,000 per plot while mortgage buyers will part with Sh2 million. Chamas will buy the plots at a subsidised rate of Sh1.8 million for cash buyers and Sh 1.95 million for mortgage buyers.

Kiage said all the plots have individual title deeds. The entire project comprise five acres, subdivided into 40 plots.