People in uniform voted best in bed

Most women will agree, there’s nothing hotter than a man in a fireman’s outfit. And most men will tell you their ultimate fantasy is a nurse’s uniform.

But it seems that not only does a uniform make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but it means you are also considered to be good in bed.

A poll by dating site has revealed that a uniform is not only sexy, but we’re also more likely to consider those wearing one as better in bed, along with more honest and respectful in a relationship.

So if you’re looking for a passionate fling, look no further than a uniform.

‘A uniform gives connotations of authority, power and strength, and these are all qualities that we often seek in a partner,’ says Sean Wood, from Cupid plc.

The results show 52 per cent of men and 37 per cent of women believe that people in uniform are more attentive partners in the bedroom.

And astonishingly more than 70 per cent of both sexes thought that they would be treated better on a date by someone wearing one.

And the preconceptions don’t end there: 50 per cent of women and 46 per cent of men also said that they consider honesty to be someone wearing a uniform’s most important quality.

But it seems not all uniforms are equal.

The typical stripper attire of a policeman, doctor and pilot were all beaten to the top spot by the most popular uniform of all – a soldier. The poll revealed women can’t get enough of the guys in camouflage.

So if you’re single maybe it’s time to get to a fancy dress shop, pronto. Failing that enroll at your nearest Army Careers Office.

-The Metro

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