By Geoffrey Korio

Few places have successfully managed to blend the different lifestyles of the elite, middle and lower classes of the social strata. Such is the case of Otiende Estate, named in honour of the enthusiastic educationist and politician Joseph Daniel Otiende, popularly known as JD Otiende.

Stretching back to many years, Otiende Estate was a favourite hood for the Government types. In the 1980s, it was common place to find government-owned Peugeots cruising through the estate’s streets.

Located at the heart of Lang’ata and roughly 30 minutes from the Central Busines District, Otiende is still fancied by many.

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This is perhaps true for those born and raised in this hood seeing they do not falter to deem it as a city within a city.

Tremendous growth

In terms of real estate and property, Otiende has and continues to experience its fair share of the property boom. Developers have arrived in droves to own a piece of the Otiende pie. Case in point, there are several establishments, both houses and recreational facilities, undergoing construction that can be spotted along the roadside.

The Otiende shopping centre is a confluence for residents. Being a host to numerous shops, mini-malls, fast-food joints and cyber cafes, the shopping centre is a one-stop place for all the residents’ needs.

Apart from these facilities, denizens are also treated to their favourite tipple and sweet mouth-watering nyama choma courtesy of the numerous colourful taverns surrounding the centre. Though the ATMs are few and far apart, with the money transfer outlets ubiquitous in the centre, dwellers can easily solve their money inconveniencies. 

There are numerous estates in Otiende; each having their own distinct architecture. Otiende’s Moi estate is defined by the spacious bungalow houses, Ngei Phase I and Sun Valley estates have blended both bungalow and mansion designs in a simplistic and yet sophisticated manner. The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) estate is synonymous with the high rising and contemporary apartments.

These are but some of the few estates that have endowed this infamous hood. Some of the houses are already on sale while others are for lease. The monthly rent ranges from Sh8, 000 to Sh60, 000 depending on the house of choice. 

Major landmarks

There are important spots located on the outskirts of Otiende. The Lang’ata Police Station, for instance, is at hand to provide residents with round the clock security, while the chief’s office is always ready to help with anything that pertains to harmonious living in the estates and well-being of the dwellers. It is also home to the Lang’ata Women’s Prison.

Right across Lang’ata Road is the Nairobi National Park— a Kenyan heritage that attracts both local and foreign tourists. The park is a walking distance from Otiende. Healthcare is also catered for in this hood and this is thanks to the St Mary’s Mission Hospital. Lang’ata West Primary School caters for the education needs of children.  Numerous churches and a mosque in the area satisfy the residents’ religious and spiritual needs. 

However, residents have to drive to OilLibya petrol station at Masai Centre to refuel their cars. This is a daunting, but necessary task.  

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