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The Hot 20

By TONY MOCHAMA | Published Fri, June 8th 2012 at 00:00, Updated June 8th 2012 at 11:11 GMT +3

Music personalities, actresses, models and TV anchors have always made headline fodder for the grapevine, the world over. After a hot two-months social media debate generated by Pulse, TONY MOCHAMA brings you this year’s sizzling Top 20 dudettes, as voted by you.

Like a maiden from a far-away pearly land, Joy Doreen Biira, the Ugandan KTN Prime Time anchor who hit the screens early this year, certainly got heads turning and tongues wagging.

The adorable TV beauty took viewers by surprise, with an impact that can only be likened to that of news hosts Eric Latif, he of the deep baritone, and gorgeous Anne Kiguta sometime back.

Her fresh immaculate face is definitely front row seat material in a realm where the likes of Catherine Kasavuli, Lilian Muli-Kanene, Janet Mbugua, Esther Arunga-Timberlake, Janet Kanini-Ikua, Grace Msalame, Lulu Hassan and Peninah Karibe have held reign over enamoured fans in that subtle graceful campaign for the title of who was then the hottest TV girl.

Then there was the generational epoch of Tero Mdee, the then unsullied Str8up host, Sarah Hassan (Tanya), the talked-about, ever smiling beauty who now hosts in DSTV’s AfricaMagic, singer Patricia Kihoro and TV anchors Anyiko Owoko, Edith Kimani and Remmy Majala — who graced our screens, some from roles in the scripted world to the anchoring one.

Two months ago, Pulse stirred the debate on who the 2012 hottest female celebrities are, now that there are always new fair kids on the block. There emerged the sizzling Brenda Wairimu and new singing sensation Chantelle.

With this in mind, our new sample seems to focus on celebrity musicians, models and actresses.  And it was all thanks to you!

20. Susan Anyango: The tall, half-Russian half Kenyan with the killer smile, endless legs and soft attitude currently holds the tiara as outgoing Miss Kenya. Pulsers surprisingly found nineteen celebs hotter than her!

19. Chantelle: This singer who just tokelezead into the spotlight showed us all both her ‘hidden talents’ in a very hot package in her video with Abbass and an easy demeanour to that package. No hiding her beauty.

18. Pierra: This talented ladette is the perfect mix of the gal-next-door aura and the secret fantasy of every young dude who has ever picked up a magazine, with a smile to-die-for and seemingly, a good head over her shoulders.

17. Miss Karun of Camp Mulla: If you are still a teenager, then this chicka is the one everyone in high school has a crush on, and wants to date for her fame and beauty.

16. Kambua: When she got married recently, that sound of breaking glass was actually thousands of male hearts shattering into smithereens. In a supposedly Christian nation, Kambua is that good gospel beauty many men want to walk down an aisle with.

15. Tanya: The fact that this Cushitic beauty has featured in more commercials in Kenya than anyone else in living memory just goes to show — we can’t have enough of pretty Sara Hussein.

14. Sheila ‘Nikki’ Mwanyigha: She is that graceful, ageless, timeless cougar type of beauty, who like a vintage wine, defies time. Forever hot!

13.Serah Ndanu and Sugar: The tie between young actress Serah Ndanu, ,who was the talk of town after she won the Best Female Actress Kalasha Award and, Sugar, that tasteful singing beauty from Phoenix Records, left us mute. 

12. Joey Muthengi: She is the kind of truly hot lady who inspires glazed, lust-dazed looks among her many fans, most of them male (but we are sure, a few female ones, too).

11. Alice Kamande: If beauty could lead to salvation, the Wewe Pekee gospel star could be winning more souls from the heat in hell to heaven, with her hotness. The Groove Awards 2011 Best Female star is a “goddess” 

10. Amani: With those smoking bedroom eyes and those groovy moves, Amani was always going to be in the top ten of any such listing.

9. Tero: When she left us all and eloped to Tanzania, her petite beauty remained firmly imprinted on the mind of many an adoring fan, like the ghost of someone long gone but much adored.

8. Sanaipei: There’s something about Sanaipei Tande. Something so fundamentally scorching, even her skeleton must be hot!

7. STL: People like to throw around the word ‘sassy and sexy’ but with her looks and energy, it fits Stella to a T. When she sings; ‘come take a lookie here...’ guys feel like singing; ‘can’t take our eyes off-a you.’

6. Wahu: That fresh peroxide look, the deadly smile, the sweet yet dangerous thing makes Wahu make huge waves as our sixth hottest female celeb.

5. Habida: She has the quintessential ‘point five’ height and beauty; throw in the talent and hallelujah, hot Habida.

4. Size 8: She is sizzling hot and brings to mind phrases like ‘good stuff comes in small packages’, ‘the pocket rocket’ and the old school ‘the lady is fly; le bomb!’

3. Brenda Wairimu: If you could cut and paste what young Kenyan hotness is all about, and a pout to boot, Brenda would be that cutout babe. You know it!

2. Avril: She got that ‘yeller yeller’ thing going on about her, the voice of a nightingale, and a naughty charisma. Avril, for real pretty...

1. Marya: And top of the list, the hottest female celeb, bootylicious and the darling of Pulsers in terms of pure looks, is the ‘queen of hot’, Marya. Simple!