A letter to the 5th: Do you have anything to tell the new president of Kenya?

After a peaceful political transition, the coming of a new government will signal a new beginning for Kenyans. Citizens remain optimistic that the new leaders have the will to bring in social, political and economic change in every sector.

There are mixed feelings about how President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government tackled governance issues with legislators and public servants in ministries and parastatals caught up in corruption issues and a polarized economy that has compromised the living standards of Kenyans, even leading to the escalation of the tax burden.

Development issues such as better infrastructure, manufacturing, affordable housing, affordable healthcare as well as food security remained key agendas in defining Uhuru’s legacy. The youth and women empowerment agenda also remained pivotal in actualising the Jubilee manifesto. The question remains what individual Kenyans would give as their rate card on all these matters.

In this new ray of hope, just what would be your expectation of the next president and his government? What issues would you want to see get tackled by the president, as top priorities?

Given the chance what would you tell the incoming president in terms of your expectation of his government?

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