By Peter Atsiaya

A mock voting exercise for US presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain will be held in Kisumu town today.

Supporters of Obama, the Democratic Party candidate and his Republican rival McCain will cast their votes in a mock exercise organised by Big Time Comedians.

Mr Lawrence Oyange, who is in charge of the ‘elections’, said the exercise would kick off at 8am. He said voting would end at 2pm and results announced at 7pm on a local vernacular FM radio station.

"We have only one polling centre opposite the burnt Ukwala supermarket, where Obama and McCain supporters will be casting their votes."

He said ballot boxes and papers were ready, and that all was set for the exercise.

Oyange said they organised the elections to show the strong ties between Kenya and America.

"Kenya, and particularly Kisumu, and America are one thing, so the elections must go on simultaneously," he insisted.

Poll agents

He added that agents of Obama and McCain have been identified to take care of their candidates’ interests. Oyange appealed to supporters of both candidates to turn out in large numbers and ‘vote’.

"We know Obama has more supporters because he has roots here in Nyanza Province. This should not scare away McCain supporters."

"Elections will be free and fair and tallying will not be conducted at KICC," he said, cheekily.