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Key lessons hustlers can learn from seasons and nature

Xn Iraki
 A street full of fallen leaves in Hamburg, Germany. [XN Iraki]

It feels like the creation day, a sea of leaves in fall or autumn as winter nears. The wind blows the leaves that keep piling on the ground.

Trees start looking naked. You would think they are dead. It’s an awesome site, more so for someone from the tropics, where we enjoy an endless summer.

The colour changes in fall are just fascinating. More so for cities with greenery. 

There are bold attempts in most countries to make the city “live,” not just with people but with plants, particularly trees. 

Temperatures drop to almost zero but nature’s beauty is overwhelming, you do not feel it. A light breeze and more trees shed their leaves. Within a few days, you notice a big difference in tree nakedness. 

The imminent end of the summer is marked by longer nights and shorter days. A good example; is in Hamburg Germany, where the sun rose at 7.49 am and set at 4.20pm on November 17, 2023.

This compounds nature’s “punishment” through the cold. The cold and darkness, force lots of life to slow down. Trees shed leaves and slow their metabolism. Animals look for burrows and hibernate.

I did not see squirrels on the trees. It’s only us who go on with our lives, courtesy of subduing nature.

We heat houses and use other technology like double glazing (remember Form 2 physics?). 

Double glazing is two glass panes with air in between to slow down the loss of heat. 

Seasons change our views of life. We learn of life’s many chances for renewal, like trees. We pause and reflect. Suppose these trees were human beings? 

Let’s be fair; many Kenyans will not travel to southern or northern temperate regions to admire nature and its seasons. But they can learn from it. We need pauses in life, we need changes in life.

Such pauses or changes spice up life, and make it more tolerable and meaningful.

After all, the life of a hustler is hard enough, with no time to admire seasons, nature or even self.

A good test - is the moon currently full, half or quarter? It’s my great wish that one day, you or your progeny will have a chance to admire nature, in a temperate region.

No matter how many documentaries you watch, it can never be like “live.” There is something magical about seasons, they connect us to nature but also remind us of our own mortality.

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