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PHOTOS: How the Boyz II Men concert went down

 Boyz II Men on stage at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday, June 10, 2023. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

When news spread that renowned American vocal harmony group Boyz II Men would be visiting Kenya, there was an incredible buzz across online platforms.

While some expressed concerns about ticket prices, others understood that they were paying for nothing less than exceptional quality.

The highly anticipated event took place at the iconic Uhuru Gardens on Saturday, June 10, 2023.

As early as 3 pm, it was evident that the evening would be filled with top-tier music and an atmosphere to remember. By 4 pm, eager attendees began streaming in, and the organizational prowess at the entrance was truly impressive.

 Revellers arrived as early as 4pm. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

Unlike other events that often suffer from long queues and ticket-related issues causing frustration, this festival demonstrated the importance of meticulous planning.

 A reveller wearing a ribbon ahead of the much-anticipated show. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

Security measures were tight, ensuring a safe environment for everyone, and individuals were promptly directed to their designated areas. The crowd exuded maturity, evident from their refined sense of style, suggesting a segment of the population with considerable disposable income.

Upon entering, the seating areas were well-defined, with the VVIP section expertly arranged. Positioned right next to the stage, it boasted luxurious blue cushions and a matching carpet, creating an inviting ambience.

The VIP and regular sections were equally impressive, and as more people arrived, the energy in the air began to intensify.

 The VVIP section. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

Following a series of DJ mixes that ignited the crowd's enthusiasm, it was time to commence the main event.

Renowned radio host Maina Kageni, serving as the evening's MC, perfectly embodied the role. He was an ideal choice for this event and flawlessly fulfilled his duties. Introducing the first act of the night, Kenya's very own Sauti Sol, he set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

 Maina Kageni. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

Dressed in sleek black attire, Sauti Sol took the stage and immediately captured the audience's attention with their performance of "Extravaganza," provoking an ecstatic response from the crowd.

There was an inexplicable connection between Sauti Sol and the audience, as their music resonated deeply within everyone's soul. They continued their captivating set with "Isabella" and "Melanin," then elevated the excitement with the electrifying "Nishike."

The crowd's fervour reached crazy heights during their performance of "Suzanna" that they were called back for an encore. This undeniable love and adoration showcased the band's enduring popularity.

 Sauti Sol. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

After delivering over an hour of extraordinary Kenyan music, the moment arrived for the headline act of the day—Boyz II Men took the stage! Nathan Morris, joined by tenors Wanyá Morris and Shawn Stockman, donned white outfits, ready to fulfil their mission.

They started off with Motownphilly, a song they recorded as teenagers then followed it up with the much-loved "On Bended Knee."

 Boyz II Men. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

The Kenyan audience embarked on a lyrical expedition, singing word for word (regardless of the key). The atmosphere was electric though a minor sound issue momentarily hindered those in the regular section from fully experiencing the fun.

As expected, they expressed their discontent. The organizers swiftly resolved the matter, restoring the vibrant mood. Boyz II Men continued to dazzle, delivering one hit after another.

 A lady sings along to a Boyz II Men song. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

They mesmerized the crowd with a soulful rendition of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," hands raised high, led by Wanya. Nathan skillfully played the bass guitar, and Shawn took the lead as they performed their rendition of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven."

The audience unquestionably received exceptional value for their money.

 Jeff Koinange and Stanbic Bank CEO Joshua Oigara. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]
 Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja was also in attendance. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]
 Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho was also spotted in the crowd. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

After a few more soul-stirring songs, the boys emerged, holding roses and graciously gifting them to a lucky few in the VVIP section, serenading them with "I'll Make Love to You." Their final song, "End of the Road". 

Over an hour of well-done songs, perfect harmonies and well-rehearsed transitions. The night was over. The boys had delivered.

 Boyz II Men. [Joel Mulwa/Jin Motion Limited]

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