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Mungai Mbaya opens up on details of 'throuple' relationship with Mo Aisha

 A collage of Mungai Mbaya and MoAisha

Mungai Mbaya, brother to former Machachari actor Tyle Mbaya, has opened up on details of his throuple relationship with his ex-girlfriend Mo Aisha.

Sharing details of their relationship in a recent interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve, the actor disclosed that the idea of adding a third partner to their union was proposed by Aisha.

Because of the love he had for his girlfriend, Mungai says he agreed and accommodated his new girlfriend's female lover.

"She came out and said she is bisexual. In a relationship, the two of you set the tone and know how to plan yourselves. The way I am, if there's is something I can do to make you happy I will do it or if there is something you love to do, I will let you do it. She met somebody and they had a connection. What people think out there is that I had two girlfriends but the truth is she was my girlfriend's girlfriend. It got to a point now we wanted to try out being together, it's called a throuple," he said.

According to Mungai, the relationship worked out for several months until their partner opted out.

"It actually worked out. As long as you are mature enough and respectful enough you can make anything work. It went on for months but it got to a point it had to end because the other partner met someone genuine, fell in love and wanted to settle," he added.

During their throuple relationship, Mungai admits he never developed feelings for the other lady and only had his eyes on Aisha.

"I never got to the level where I fancied or fell in love with the other girl. My eyes were always on Aisha. I only entertained the idea because I wanted to make her happy. It was a side of her. Personally, I don't think I would have ever asked her to be in a relationship with me and someone else," he said.

The actor and his girlfriend Aisha ended their four-year relationship a few months ago. Speaking on their break up, Mungai explained that after their son Lyric's death, they grew apart and eventually gave up trying to fix their union.

 Mo Aisha [Instagram]

"We just got to a point we weren't happy and genuinely I want her to be happy, even if it is not with me. No matter how bad it hurt me, that's what I owe her if I truly love her. You owe her happiness. A relationship is not a prison, you can move on. Every relationship has its own issues but losing my son was the last blow. We both clang on to the little things we wanted to but grew further apart," he explained.

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