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Doctors issue warning after skinny jeans cause woman to collapse

Health & Science

CANBERRA: An Australian woman, whose skinny jeans cut off blood supply to her lower legs, collapsed and was forced to crawl from an park to seek help, Australian media reported on Tuesday.

The woman from Adelaide, who doctors have labelled a "fashion victim," suffered nerve damage severe enough to bring about numbness and four days in hospital.

A consultant neurologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Associate Professor Thomas Kimber said on Tuesday that the 35-year- old's decision to wear the restrictive leg-hugging denim as she helped relatives move house had brought about the medical episode.

"She spent all that day really squatting down to help her relatives clean out cupboards," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). "She noticed that her legs were becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the day went on (but) didn' t really think much of it."

Kimber said the compression of two major nerves in the woman's calf had caused her increasing weakness in her legs.

When the woman took a break with a walk in a park, she noticed her feet becoming increasingly weak before falling.

"By this time it was dark and quite late at night and she was unable to stand up again, and really was there for some time before she could crawl to the side of the road, hail a cab and bring herself to the Royal Adelaide Hospital," said Kimber.

Kimber said medical staff had to cut the jeans from the woman's legs due to "massive swelling."

In response to the calf muscle injury, the woman's body released a higher-than-normal dose of proteins in her blood that doctors feared could have caused damage to her kidneys.

That saw the woman hospitalised for four days, but Kimber said she has since made a full recovery.

"The take home message I would like to leave people is if they are going to doing a lot of squatting ... wear something looser, with more elasticity perhaps," he said.

The case was documented by Kimber and a colleague in an edition of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry released on Tuesday.

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