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Flight pursers: The masters of air travel

As passengers enjoy the skies, there is always one key person in the flight who serves as a liaison between the flight deck and the cabin, the flight purser.
By Mate Tongola 2024-04-10 20:00:00
Most motorists find it cheaper to import their cars from countries whose tax bracket is friendlier compared to the local ones.
By Mate Tongola 2024-03-15 16:11:00
Peter Murima, chairman MAK, said: “We know that this public roads in nature cannot be privatized. You cannot privatize existing public roads anywhere in the world.“
By Ronald Kipruto 2024-02-07 11:35:23
It is the over Sh90 difference that has pushed most motorists to embrace LPG vehicles.
By Mate Tongola 2023-12-08 10:00:00
Any claim lodged by you that is determined to be a breach of the policy conditions will be declined or rejected.
By Sara Okuoro 2023-11-21 09:10:00
The Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600 Guard is more than a vehicle, it is a symbol of freedom and excitement.
By Mate Tongola 2023-11-11 19:00:00
The Mazda Axela comes equipped with a 55-liter fuel tank. 
By Mate Tongola 2023-11-03 19:00:00
Avoid driving through large puddles or areas of standing water, as they can cause your vehicle to hydroplane.
By Mate Tongola 2023-10-05 20:15:00
Most cars have a four-cylinder setup. This contains the camshaft, crankshaft, timing belt or chain, flywheel, and cylinder head, all of which are hosted in the engine block.
By Mate Tongola 2023-09-15 13:00:00
Electric cars often feature regenerative braking systems.  When the driver applies the brakes or lifts off the accelerator pedal.
By Mate Tongola 2023-09-07 20:20:00
Aggressive drivers always have to change their tires after a while simply because sudden braking and constant turns make the rubber wear out eventually.
By Mate Tongola 2023-08-31 16:30:00
The CX-5 offers a more upscale interior, featuring premium materials and a well-designed dashboard. It provides a cozy, sophisticated, and more inviting ambiance that competes with higher-end SUVs.
By Mate Tongola 2023-07-27 17:00:00