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How to have fun while losing weight

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 Having someone hold you accountable will go a long way in achieving your goals (Photo: iStock)

The truth is that we naturally don't enjoy doing tough things and losing weight is no exception. Although those weight loss transformation videos make it look easy, reality kicks in when you actually have to sacrifice your time and comfort for who you want to be.

But, what if there was an easier way? Once you break from that mentality that living healthy is depressing you get to experience the joys that come with it.

There are so many ways you can learn to appreciate the highs and lows of weight loss, and these are some ideas you can try:

Collaborate with a workout buddy

Some people function better when they work out individually but others get more results when they have someone to encourage them.

What you might need is a gym partner who will keep you on your toes and have fun with you.

You can suggest this to your spouse or even a long distance friend with who you can have sessions once in a while over Zoom.

 Have a friend work out with you so its not lonely or boring (Photo: iStock)
Dance your way to fitness

Although dancing isn't always respected in the world of fitness, it's very beneficial. Your routine should mostly include strengthening workouts but, you're also allowed to mix it up.

Dancing helps to tone your figure and it's also a great mood booster. You can try and sign up for dance sessions near you or simply check online for what's available if you don't want to leave the house.

Explore your adventurous side

Having fun with fitness requires you to think outside the box. If adventure has never been your thing, you should probably give it a second shot now that you have specific fitness goals you're working towards.

You don't have to go for something extreme actually. If adventure for you means going for swimming or jogging in a park, then explore that and see what suits you.

Create a diet that you love

Dieting can be quite restrictive and that's not something that is enjoyable for most people.

If you're tired of having plain oatmeal for example, why not try adding some flavour with cinnamon or dried fruits. If you don't want to drink sodas and sugary juices, try pair cold blends of herbal teas.

There are really no limits to this.

 Reward yourself for the small wins to keep you motivated (Photo: iStock)
Enjoy your breaks

You shouldn't feel guilty for prioritizing your breaks on your journey. Breaks allow your body and mind to recover so they're absolutely essential.

Don't pressure yourself to work out six or seven times a week to get where you want to be because it will only kill your motivation in the long run.

Being consistent four times a week is better than exhausting yourself quickly and quitting in the end.

Reward yourself

Rewards are a smart way to trick your brain. This usually works because it's a distraction when you need to push yourself to do something difficult.

You can tell yourself that at the end of the month if you stay consistent, you will go for a massage or treat yourself to a new dress.

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