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Fans express concern after Star Chebet's cryptic posts on 'initiation'

 Actress Star Chebet

Kenyan actress Esther Chebet has sparked serious concern among her fans and colleagues following a series of alarming Instagram posts about her mental and spiritual well-being.

Chebet, who is known for being open about her struggles with mental health, shared troubling messages that have prompted an outpouring of support and worry from her followers.

"Hey guys, imekua kitambo tangu nipost hapa, but life has been moving too fast," Chebet started.

"I don't know if I'll be okay by the end of the day, but I got myself into something I can't really reverse. Life is spiritual and I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and tapped into the wrong energies," she continued.

Chebet's posts suggest she is facing significant distress and regret over recent activities she has engaged in, which she described as a spiritual misadventure.

“For those nimekosea along the way poleni sana and for those wamenishika mkono asante sana. I made new friends who were on a totally different path and got into things I didn't really expect. Na sidhani itaisha poa," she admitted.

She also shared a disconcerting experience about an initiation that left her mentally and spiritually troubled.

"Nilitumika kufungua portal on Kimugu river in Kericho and got initiated into something I didn't expect... I didn't know what was happening until it happened," she revealed.

Chebet mentioned the difficulties she faced when her family and doctors misunderstood her spiritual experiences as hallucinations.

She warned her followers about the dangers of substance use and the importance of being mindful of their company.

"Wanasema bangi si mboga but be with the right company while at it na usikae pekee yako sana. Na msipige picha na watu ovyo ovyo. So many innocent souls get trapped in spaces they do not belong. Akili yangu ilitumika nifungue portal Kericho," she cautioned.

Adding: “No wonder hamjakua mkiniona.  I could hear voices in my rooms, kumbe… and my voice was used to channel a spirit I didn't know. “

As her posts continue to circulate, fans and industry peers are expressing their concern and support. Several celebrities, including YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, have tried to reach out to her but have been unsuccessful.

However, in her last post, Chebet assured her fans that she had safely arrived in Nakuru and would respond to all the calls later.

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