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Men have learned to prey on older women's vulnerability


Like a predator lying low in the grassland, waiting for the prey to pass by, men have adapted to the modern dominance of women.

There have been decades of discussion about how men should adjust their roles to accommodate the increasing influence of women. So much so, that it has become a trend for many men to portray themselves as feminists because it is popular.

Many of them have forsaken their traditional roles within the family to advocate for the agendas of female-centric NGOs because it is financially rewarding.

No one understands this better than our very own Akothee, that a predator can mask its strength, only to pounce at the right moment.

Didn't both critics and supporters speculate widely about whether our girl was going to be the one calling the shots in that marriage? Supporters celebrated the fact that the girlchild not only tamed the predator but also confined him neatly, ready to commit for a lifetime.

On the other hand, skeptics predicted that Omosh would flee from the estrogen-filled household in record time. Some claimed that no man could be a husband to a woman who had Nelly Oaks waiting in the wings.

You see, even seemingly weak men in relationships want to assert some form of authority in public. It doesn't matter if he's bossed around at home like a balloon at a daytime show's end.

At least his friends might think he's in charge and, as a result, respect him. Omosh, it was said, was venturing into uncharted territory for men. When a man is publicly dominated like a subordinate, no amount of skilled persuasion after dark can keep him content.

Men, when they act emasculated, will go to great lengths to earn your favour. They may shower you with praise, with a frequency you've never seen before, all in an effort to gain your trust and have you by their side as they make their plans.

Interestingly, their true character often shines through when they are dominant, as opposed to when they are vulnerable. It's like a well-rehearsed drama put on to please an audience.

Deep down, men understand that the female audience is most receptive late in the evening, during the twilight years when loneliness starts to set in. When their knees are too weary to balance on six-inch heels while dancing the night away.

Men have realised they can actually exert less effort by dramatising trivial compliments and downplaying age differences to lead an easier life. They recognise that we, as emotional beings, thrive on sentimental appeal more than hard facts. Love and its various forms can easily blind us and lead us toward commitment and lifelong bonds.

Once we have conquered the corporate terrain, our true nature kicks in and we start to hunt down men to pair. Women should be warned that it is safer to deal with sperm banks and toys for satisfaction than to try to draw both from a vulnerable man whose inner self is fighting for self-determination.

Unfortunately, the realisation often comes too late, as precedents like these demonstrate to women that marrying an older woman is typically not a choice made willingly by men.

In many cases, they are compelled by circumstances to yield to female authority while secretly desiring to be in control, to assert their masculinity. It's a case of seemingly passive individuals, like gangly predators, biding their time for a specific reason and season.

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