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How to navigate online dating

 How to navigate online dating (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

It feels like the internet is the only way to find a date. But I am not having much success online. The trouble is I have also never really learned how to meet men the traditional way. Tips please!

Real Life Dates

Chris says, Hi Real life Dates

You’re not alone, lots of girls say they don’t enjoy internet dating. And anyway, meeting guys in real life is much more fun! But it can be scary, and there are skills involved. Get into the swing of things by tagging along with your workmates for a drink after work.

Because even though you’re sure you will never want to date any of them, they probably have nice friends. So if one of your colleagues invites you somewhere else after happy hour, don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of them.

And almost everything nice that ever happens to you will start with a conversation with a stranger. So develop the habit of talking to people you do not know. 

Practice on wait staff and shop assistants. Try taking a class. Remember how easy it was to make friends at school? You can do that again. Or find some voluntary work.

Choose something you enjoy and care about and you will soon find yourself in a group of like-minded individuals. Become a regular somewhere.

Because once you have become comfortable in your favourite hangout, and are on familiar terms with the staff, you will find you have the confidence to talk to people you meet there.

Like someone interesting’s reading a book you like? Try striking up a conversation with them about it! Above all, do more things alone. Because you will be much more likely to talk to people you do not know, and they’ll be more likely to talk to you.

Are you shy about going out on your own? Take a book or magazine as a prop, and go somewhere small, to begin with, like a coffee shop. And do not spend all your time staring at your phone! It is very off-putting. Look around, and before you know it, you will be chatting to someone new!

All the best,


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