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How kids are ‘ruining’ your romantic relationship

 The presence of children can change the nature of your romantic relationship (Photo: Shutterstock)

Things always seem to be steamy when it's just the two of you. Fast forward into the relationship and you have little ones running around, to dealing with teenage mood swings, your relationship can be on the tipping off edge. Before you dump your romantic relationship to the bin, here's what you need to understand about how children get to affect the romance.

You may find yourself not prioritizing your partner and most especially in bedroom matters. This is so when you are constantly concentrating on being with them during their younger years. In a relationship, you'll have to redefine your version of intimacy with kids around. It certainly is challenging when you have to tend to feeding a crying baby, yet expected to steam things up. For this, you should create some time to spend together by arranging for some childcare. This acts to relieve you from some baby time and gives you a good amount of time together to rekindle your relationship.

When there's any tension between you and your partner that is caused by the children and decisions around them, your romantic relationship is sabotaged. Consider it a decision about your child's birthday. You think it's better to have a grand party whereas your spouse thinks just a small family affair will be enough. Such crossroads will penetrate through to your romance because you'll find it hard to get over your feelings and disagreement. Being able to communicate with your partner and finding a consensus with regards to your personal parenting approach will go a long way not to rub into your romance.

 Life with young children can be hectic (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sometimes, mothers blame their outlook on the children. Whereas it's understandable that life with young children can be hectic such that having a bath becomes tough, it's also important to realize that your outlook does affect your romantic relationship in great measure. When your partner is home and you have baby food and dirt all over you, you fail to clean up regularly, you'll be plain unattractive. If you are somewhat overwhelmed by the children, get some assistance and be deliberate with how you look. A little touch up is enough to get things back to being steamy.

Ensure that you spare time to go to places without the children. It may be common for you to always look for relaxation places that are family friendly. However, we know that travelling with children is still a task and may not be the best choice when your want to spend uninterrupted grown up time. Leave them behind once in a while so as to save your romantic relationship. Having a mind that is operating child free will be less stressful. 

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