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Why dating in campus is necessary


An informal survey carried out on university students dating alongside their studies reveals that they believe the venture is in line with their future expected marriage life.

In a random interview those dating feel it is good to be in an affair so as to learn what is likely to unfold during marriage which they say, they are not far from. 

"It is good to date in campus as it prepares  one to handle the good or bad experiences that one would encounter during or just before marriage, " said Helen a fourth year Maseno University student. 

She said she has had various experiences when dating in campus and had learnt a lot unlike it would have been without dating. 

Musau, another student says campus dating is good for the youthful age as it offers one an opportunity to have fun and learn the character and personalities of their partners as opposed to waiting till marriage. 

"I have learnt a lot about ladies while dating and it has put in better place as a man even as marriage awaits in the near future. One should not regret much on breaking up with their campus lovers as they still stand a chance to build a better relationship from their previous experiences," he said. 

However, others find it difficult to manage classwork alongside relationships. 

Lindah a third year student says she stopped dating after previous experiences with two boyfriends who could nag and always wanted to drive her attention away from her classwork. 

She revealed that sex is all that drives many into dating while in campus with some having more than one partner demanding for the same. 

She added that seeing how most of her friends' relationships ended up being unfruitful scared her off. 

Most universities in Kenya have been rocked by incidences of students committing murder or suicide over cheating allegations against their partners .From these incidences a number of students fear dating in campus. 

Some opt for dating 'sponsors' most of whom are employed men and women who they say are in a position to meet at least all their financial needs in school. 

"There is no need for dating in campus because most of the guys can't stand in for my needs but are just admirers. Working class men are ready for anything and can take responsibility unlike a student who still relies on the parents, “said a female student, who asked not to be named. 

She added that a number of students are introduced into 'sponsor manenos' as early as in their first year by their seniors whose lifestyles they fancy. 

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