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Rey Mysterio troubled following death of Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr.

 Perro Aguayo, 35, was dueling former WWE star Rey Mysterio Jr. in Tijuana, Mexico, when a kick he received caused a grave injury

Rey Mysterio, Xtreme Tiger and Manik are under fire for continuing the match after Aguayo suffered a fatal blow in the ring in front of thousands of fans in attendance.

Some people on twitter think that Mysterio could be in some way responsible for the death of Aguayo, but that hasn’t been confirmed or reported either.

As of now, it's believed that Aguayo Jr.'s death was caused by cervical spine trauma suffered when Mysterio dropkicked him into the ring ropes - a set up spot for Mysterio's signature "619" move. Aguayo Jr. hit the ropes improperly and was immediately rendered unconscious.

He was taken to a hospital a block away and died about 1:30 a.m., according to prosecutor's spokesman Raul Gutierrez. The state prosecutor's office said it has opened an investigation into possible manslaughter.

Rey Mysterio commented on the tragic death of Pedro Aguayo on Twitter, which translates to:

‘Just formed a friendship between brothers who opened years ago and we should not question the designs of God.

‘But in this occasion I wonder why and I do not understand it…I take you with me for the rest of my life, rest in peace HijoDelPerro.’

Mexico is famous for its colorful characters and costumes in professional wrestling, popularly known as lucha libre. 

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