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The thin line between high maintenance women and gold-diggers

Lady Speak

Since time immemorial, men have been griping about the high maintenance woman. What makes a woman high maintenance?

She has a penchant for expensive things and it is mandatory for the man in life to be in a position to cater for her. She can only dine in the finest restaurants and more often than not, sports designer labels.

The high maintenance woman is particularly meticulous about her appearance and is always groomed to within an inch of her life. This means frequent professional cosmetic consultations, such as hairdressing, manicures and pedicures; which do not come cheap.

A bad hair day is a non-existent phrase in her life. Her hair is always brushed and coiffured to perfection. A high maintenance woman is a symbol of admiration until she finds herself with a wrong man.

 Men may raise a stink about dating a high maintenance woman, but the truth is that every guy secretly wants to be with one. A man becomes spiteful if he once scooped a high maintenance woman but ended up being dumped because he could not keep up with her. Of course, that does not mean he will never date such a woman again.

Every man wants a glam goddess who always looks like she has just stepped out of the salon. A man would give anything to have a drop-dead gorgeous and extremely well dressed woman clinging on his arm at all times. Although men desperately want to date her, they fear the idea of being with her. This is because the high maintenance woman doesn’t just settle for any man. If a woman goes that extra mile to always look as good as possible, she wants her guy to match her standards.

 Another reason that makes the high maintenance woman all the more alluring is that guys like challenges and a high maintenance woman certainly is a challenge. It is not a bad thing to be a high maintenance woman.

Being high maintenance is actually the best way to get yourself a worthy man. If you like being waited on hand and foot in the finest establishments, there’s really nothing wrong about it. That is, unless your man can’t afford it! A high maintenance woman has very high self-esteem and confidence, and can never be put down by any other woman.

Low maintenance means low standards. A high maintenance woman is respected and awed. Guys will rattle on about how they prefer the laid back girl who is always in T-shirts and sneakers. They will try to convince you that ideal woman is the one that does not get dressed up and would rather have a night in on the couch eating take-out rather than eating a chef prepared meal in restaurant.

 Much as we hate to admit it, money is the catalyst in the whole chemical reaction of the legendary ‘happily ever after’. However, do not confuse the high maintenance woman with the ratchet woman who has a cheap beer in her hand but when you offer to buy her a drink she orders a glass of pinot noir.

The ideal high maintenance woman is not an opportunist. She does not date a man only for his wealth or what he can offer her. She just wants her man to provide for the lifestyle she’s always had.

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