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Keep your eyes focused on the prize

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I am a firm believer that design reveals intention. The mind of an inventor is revealed through his inventions. A spoon is designed with the intention to help us eat conveniently. A car is designed to move on road. An aeroplane is designed with aerodynamic considerations because the intention is for it to move in the air.

We are designed to walk upright on two legs and our hands are designed to do many things but not to walk. I believe that our eyes are set on the front of our faces because we are designed to face the direction of our walk: before the legs move, the eyes have already seen the path.

In the animal kingdom, because food is the ultimate determinant for survival, predators and preys have eyes on the side of their heads to help them locate each other and either flee or lie in wait.

But in humans, eyes are positioned at the front, in the direction of motion; indicative that the direction of our lives is predetermined by the vision we possess.

What you see is based on where you are looking. What you are allowing your eyes to behold constantly, is slowly determining the direction you are taking. Indeed, who you are becoming is being shaped at the factory of your imagination and at the precincts of vision. It is prudent therefore to be deliberately cautious about the things you are allowing your mind to see.

Life is ahead, not behind you and the present is the bridge out of something old into something new. How you have lived in the past no longer has the power to dictate how you live in the future. The power to turn, even to make u-turns lies squarely in your ability to see and push yourself in the direction of change. You see, vision turns mistakes into lessons not into graves.

But until your vision for a better tomorrow is empowered enough to birth transformation, then the past becomes both the reference point for everything you do and the unintended eventual destination. Referring to the past and dwelling on it, only reproduces more of it. The wisdom for change is simple: do not even discuss what you want to forget.

The difference between seasons is a question. If you do not question the status quo, it will linger and eventually settle. What has not been questioned is assumed accepted.

What you haven’t decided for or against remains as is. A question precedes a decision and a decision is the gateway between one season and the next: the sooner the decision the quicker the shift in seasons.

There is so much ahead of you: good, productive and exciting, but those things may remain inaccessible if you are unable to forego the past or overcome an unpalatable present. If you do not challenge bad behavior, bad experiences will keep accosting you.

And you may need to accept that your life will not happen at the speed of others. However hardworking, focused and qualified you are, there are things that may take longer, others faster and yet others may not even happen at all. Live each day at a time: redeeming time and making the most out of every opportunity.

The best thing that God can give you is not money, it is an opportunity. Locked in opportunity is a second, third, fourth or even tenth chance to turn your life around. Take the opportunity and run with it because your life may as well be dependent on it.

Irrespective of what is happening around you, it is very important to keep your head above the waters so that your eyes can see the way out. If you can see it, you can have it.

And for you to do the impossible, you must see the invisible. There is a grand future waiting for you but to get to it, your vision and your direction must co-exist in a marriage of sorts: amicably and each submitted to the other. After all, without motion, stagnation takes over our existence and stagnation is the process that precedes death.

Your future looks nothing like your past: the best days of your life are ahead of you. Stop looking behind: you are not heading that way! The future shall come to you at the speed of forward vision and forward direction. See right, move right and become right!

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