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4 reasons your daughter's hair is shedding

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Any mother feels devastated when the daughter’s hair sheds. In fact, I know many women who go to great lengths to take care of their young girls’ hair but the hair still sheds. Understanding your child’s hair can be a challenge. If you are wondering why your daughter’s hair is shedding, these could be the reasons:

Deep conditioning: Chances are that you are not deep conditioning your daughter’s hair routinely. Once your child turns one, it is important that you deep condition her hair as a routine.

There is no harm in steaming your daughter’s hair while it is covered in a deep conditioner; this allows the deep conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair.

Moisturizing: Whether your hair is fine or course, it is necessary to moisturize it on a daily basis. As you do this, focus on the hair ends.

Tight braids: Young girls look pretty in braids. There is a myth that super tight braids last longer, but this is a sure way to ensure your child has no hairline when she gets older. However, it is important to ensure the braids are not too tight nor are they worn for too long as this can cause the edges to thin. Any hairstyle pulled tightly stresses your baby’s hairline.

When her hair is braided and she complains of pain, undo the hair immediately. Tight braids cause tiny bumps on the edges while at the same time causing unnecessary headaches to your daughter. True you want her hair to be as neat as possible all the time, but leave her hair alone when she complains.

Routine: Caring for your daughter’s hair in a haphazard manner can also lead to shedding. It is, therefore, important to develop a hair care routine for your child and tweak it once in a while, if need be.

Take keen attention on the girl’s hair; is it dry, thin or very thick? Once you know her hair type, stick to a routine that works best for her. Change the routine when it ceases to work well.

How to control it:

• Once in a while, let your child’s hair hang free so that the scalp and hair takes a break from all the pulling and tugging.

• Instead of the common braiding, try twisting the hair since twists are easier on the scalp and also easy to maintain.

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