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Common tricks women use to get laid

Girl Talk

Gone are the days when women making it known that they want you was considered taboo, the days when expressing our sexuality was looked down upon, when the myths that men are the only ones allowed to instigate sex. Today, we ladies do some of the stupidest things to let you know we want some, to show we are interested, to seduce you because well, even  as it is no longer taboo, we still cannot come and tell you that we want to smash.

I asked a few of my girlfriends their little silly tricks they use to try and get him in bed or to get him to notice that we are very available for some action.

Here's what they had to say;

One of them said she likes to massage his thighs, to show that she is interested in him and wants to take things further. In her mind, this apparently lets him know that she wants to get it on...

Then there's the "sexy face": Quite frankly, every girl has this, some of them look ridiculous, in fact most if not all are ridiculous, they are these expressions that we convince ourselves are sexy but man are they not. They come off pretty weird.

The latest one is the 'nudes': We all know these as some people are using them for revenge purposes these days....you send him some of pictures with your intimate areas uncovered in the hopes of getting his attention. I think that is just desperation really, considering no one actually respects privacy these days.

Minor stalking:  We stalk the guy and fantasize all day, check his whatsapp status, his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, I'm not quite sure what we are looking for exactly, but were want to know exactly what he is doing and where.

Then there's masquerading: This we do after stalking, you find out where he is and find some stupid nonsensical reason to go there and play the whole " What a coincidence to run into you here...” wink wink...I mean really, we do this. There's the tendency to become his little wifey and errand girl because we think that he will like us more and maybe want us more. That doing what he wants us to do will get us three steps closer to closing the deal.

Pretending to like what he likes: Yes, we do this too, we actually don't like soccer, or video games, we just want you to notice that we have something in common and then we have that magical movie moment and bam!! Done Deal.

Most times, we ladies go through lists of little tricks that the internet and COSMO magazine say will definitely get us laid. We combine these "words of wisdom" with those of our girlfriends because we think they know everything and use the ideas as our guidelines to get laid. I am not judging as I am guilty of some of those things, I guess getting laid is just another job on its own...but you know, a VERY satisfying one.

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