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Fashion tips: Understanding the rule of thirds

Fashion Tips
 The rule of thirds helps you and I put together flattering outfits with ease (Photo: Courtesy/jolynneshane.com)

Listen, before you write this off as a photography skill you clearly have no interest in, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The rule of thirds is a concept created by fashionistas to help you and I put together flattering outfits with ease.

Who knew there was a rule that would help you dress up with much ease and still look breathtaking and why have you never heard about this until today?

We all go through the struggle of finding the perfect outfit in the morning or for an event and it takes ages to make a decision.

Well fear not lovelies we found the secret and here is how to use it to your advantage.

This may sound complicated but I assure you, it’s quite easy. With this rule, we pay attention to the first third which is from your neck to your waist then the last part is the bottom from your waist to your feet or vice versa depending on the outfit you want to wear.

Well, the blouse you wear has to complement the skirt, pants or shorts you are paring them with, obviously. A good example; if you are wearing palazzo pants you should pair them with a simple fitting top. This rule helps you know when to tuck in, what to pair with your favorite skirt or any outfit or swag you want to try on.

This is how it applies.

 (Photo: Courtesy/jolynneshane.com)
Wearing shorts

In this case the 2/3 is the upper part of the body while the 1/3 is the bottom part.

For this, if the shorts are low waist it’s advisable to leave the top untucked and wear a fitting top but avoid crop tops.

For high waist shorts, a fitting top or crop top can be worn and you can comfortably tuck in your top for an edgy look.

 (Photo: Courtesy/jolynneshane.com)
Crop tops

This is both a fun and sexy way of styling your outfit because it can be worn with a variety of outfits.

When it comes to this, you need to make your body look proportional. So, pairing this with a pair of high waist skirt, trouser or shorts is the way to go.

Wearing low waist pieces will elongate the top part of your body and this will not flatter your body in any way, form or shape.


For long dresses, you can pair them with a statement belt to make your look sophisticated or opt for a dress or skirt with an edgy slit on the side or front.

For short dresses and skirts make sure to match with a statement jacket or top for something extra.

 (Photo: Courtesy/jolynneshane.com)

When it comes to wearing palazzo or loose pants, it’s advisable to pair them with a fitting top.

Wearing a bulky top with this will make your body look uneven and will not flatter your curves. It’s also advisable that these pants are high waist and the top tucked in.

For skinny jeans or skinny pants, they can both be worn as high waist or low waist, it depends really. You can choose to leave your top untucked but if you want a tucked in look, wear high waisted pants to show off ‘what your mama gave ya.’

High waist pants make an illusion on your waist line accentuating your curves.

 (Photo: Courtesy/jolynneshane.com)

Your shoes are a good way to spice up your outfit.

For strappy shoes and knee-high boots, make sure you dress this up with a pair of skinny pants, short dress or skirt.

For plain shoes, you can play around with practically any outfit and still look good.

The aim here is to make your outfit blend not to draw attention to one part of your body.

Bulky shoes should never be paired with long skirts or flared pants. This will make you look like half of your body is experiencing winter.

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