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#FashionTips: How to wear your sweater tops without looking frumpy

Fashion Tips

When it comes to wearing sweaters, most people do it during cold or windy seasons obviously to protect themselves from the harsh weather. In most cases, sweaters will just come above outfits and no creative thought will be put on how they impact the overall outfit.

However, sweater tops and cardigans can be amazing fashion pieces to add to your closet when done the right way.

Here are tips to help you wear your sweater tops without looking frumpy:

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and sweater tops is like a match that was made in heaven. The whole point of putting together an outfit is balancing proportions. When matching outfits always ensure when the top area is large the bottom area stays subtle and smaller.

Naturally sweater tops are large and you can never go wrong when you match them with a pair of skinny jeans. Add a blazer with a matching colour to the sweater top you are having on for the best final look.

Pencil skirts

As mentioned before, when matching outfits it is all about balancing your proportions. With pencil skirts it will match perfectly with sweater tops because like skinny jeans they are smaller at the bottom. Meaning the final look will balance out.

Furthermore, you can pair them with leather skirts too. Pencil leather skirts are shiny and tight and it matches perfectly with sweater textures. Also, remember to tuck in you sweater top on the side and not all round the skirt. This way it doesn’t look lumpy around the waist. Remember to accessorize with a necklace or bangle to make your outfit more stylish.

Oversized shirts

Another way you can dress your sweater tops is by matching them with oversized shirts. This combination is tricky but executable, you only need to get a sweater that blends well with the shirt you are going for. Put on your shirt inside the sweater and make sure to show the collar, the cuffs and hems of the shirt.

This look is perfect for the office especially on chilly days but you still want to look stylish. To complete this look never forget to accessorize a necklace or conspicuous shoes.


Pleated skirts

This is another way to make your sweater top stand out. Pleated skirts are generally hard to dress because of their structure, however with a sweater top the textures blend perfectly to give the best outfit result.

Match your sweater tops with a metallic pleated skirt and watch it go from frumpy to classy. For the best results ensure the outfit is of the same colour scheme to give it a bold finish. You can complete your look with a pair of white sneakers or boots, depending with the kind of look you are going for.


Come rain, come sunshine boots and sweaters will always pair perfectly. You don’t even have to accessorize your look or be extra. Just a pair of boots and some skinny jeans can do the trick. Furthermore, you can even put on your sweater and pencil skirt outfit with boots and still get away with the look.

Always try and find boots that are almost the same colour as your sweater, this way it can give your outfit more structure and class.

Tip: When working with sweater outfits, always try and match outfits with the same colour scheme. For Instance, when working with a grey sweater try and match it with a grey trouser or a charcoal black trouser, this way your outfit pops while remaining classy.


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