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Whole goat Yemeni Mandi feast

 Whole goat Yemeni Mandi feast (Photo: iStock)

Today we make whole goat Yemeni Mandi feast.


1 whole goat (about 10kgs)

3 cups vinegar

1/2 cup hot sauce

100g black pepper

100g garlic ginger paste

100g  paprika

Juice of 8 lemons

Salt to taste

10 cups basmati rice

20 cups water

50g teaspoon yellow food colour

3g saffron

Grease-proof paper or foil


In a pan over medium heat, pour the water. Add the rice and salt and boil until all the water evaporates, and the rice is fluffy. Mix the food colour with water and saffron and sprinkle over the rice. Cook for three minutes, then fluff the rice.

Put the goat on large a baking tray and salt spread all over the goat. Sprinkle the black paper, and then add the garlic ginger paste. Apply the hot sauce over the goat and squeeze lemon juice over it. Add the vinegar and massage the goat with your hands, ensuring the marinade is distributed all over. Remove the goat from the baking tray and set it aside.

Pour the rice on the same baking tray so that the marinated goat flavours infuse into the rice. Place grease paper over the rice.

Place the goat on the paper, ensuring you have covered the rice completely so that the rice does not get direct heat. Prick the greaseproof paper with a knife to allow the flavours to go underneath the rice.

Place the lemon pieces beside the goat and bake at 200°C for about three hours, or until the meat has browned.

Remove the rice after 40 minutes so that it does not overcook. Roast the goat for three hours.

Discard the greaseproof paper and fluff the rice. Serve over the goat on a platter.

Sprinkle nuts and raisins and garnish with seasonal fruits. Enjoy!

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