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Knotless braids: Everything you need to know about this protective hairstyle

 Knotless braids are perfect for all hair types and textures (Pinterest)

Although knotless braids have been here for a while now, many people still don’t know the difference between these braids and the traditional braids. Currently knotless braids are the go-to when it comes to selecting protective hairstyles.

Knotless braids, also known as no-knot braids, are different from traditional braids in that the braider isn’t supposed to secure the braid from the scalp to form a knot. With knotless braids, the braider will braid your hair first then continue feeding in braids slowly as the braid gets longer.

Knotless braids can go up to six or eight weeks depending with the size you go for and how well you care for them.

 Knotless braids are lighter on the head compared to normal braids (Pinterest)

Why should you consider knotless braids?

No breakage: The main reason why most ladies are currently going for knotless braids is because there are no breakages. Unlike traditional braids where your hair is pulled to form a knot right from your scalp, knotless braids start with your hair.

There is no friction between the scalp and the braid to cause breakage. With traditional braids, if you are unlucky after taking out your braids you experience serious hair breakage and your hairline recedes too.

Painless: Remember all those sleepless nights after doing your braids? Well, with knotless braids you can sleep like a baby without taking any painkillers.

With knotless braids, you don’t have to endure any pain after the braiding since your hair is not pulled to form a knot as done in traditional braids. With these braids, you leave the salon the same way you went, only better.

Lighter on the head: When installing traditional braids since it starts with a knot directly on the scalp, you carry the weight of the braid all the way and it can be very uncomfortable not to mention how heavy it is. But with knotless braids, the braid is slowly filled with small chunks of braids to make it longer and in turn it is very light.

All hair types: This style is also perfect for all hair types and textures. Knotless braids gives a chance to those with finer hair textures than can barely secure traditional braids. No more waking up to your braids on the bed or picking them up on the carpet.

Although knotless braids seem like the perfect solution to your braiding problems, it costs more compared to the traditional braids mainly since installing them takes longer than the normal braids. Also, they entail longer hours at the salon.

All in all, go out there, install your knotless braids and flip your hair away!

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