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Baby Drago: Why do they keep saying nineteen?

My daddy is happy when I say the alphabet because he works with words; but mummy is happy when I say numbers because she is ana count-count (Shutterstock)

In Heaven School I have already learn how to say ‘A’ until ‘Z.’

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Now every day I ask mummy and she says ‘no school today’ but I have learned how to count one until 20...

Always, my daddy is very happy when I say the alphabet because he works with words; but my mummy is so happy when I say numbers because she is ‘ana count-count!’

Next month, I turn three.

But a few days ago on TV, I sawed Ururu Kenyanya, who my daddy says is ‘the present of Kenya.’ He was saying that we have ‘covered nineteen’ in the country.

‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, NINETEEN!’ I shouted at my mommy on the sofa.

But Mommy did not smile.

She looked serious and said something about ‘corona’ and how the kids are not safe in the city.

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My big sister, Milan, who turns nine in May, she started to sing.

‘Havana, ohh-na na, half of my heart is in Corona, nuh nuh nuh’

It made my Daddy to laugh so hard, I don’t know why, so I start to laugh. Also Milan is now laughing.

But Mommy is not happy with us at all.

‘Corona is not a joking matter!’ she said crossly, frowning her face, though Daddy continued chortling.

The next day, I, Baby Drago, wasn’t laughing.

My nanny Alicia refuse to let me and Milan to go and play outside because of this word call ‘corona.’

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I was tired of racing my tricycle only in the corridors, but Milan did not seem to mind ...

Milan close herself in the room she share with Alicia (me I have allow Daddy + Mommy to sleep in MY bedroom since I be born) and I hear her practice her singing: ‘He took me back to East Atlanta, but my heart is in Havana, uh uh ...’

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On Sunday, I herded my parents arguing in the bed when I am waking up.

‘Corona is in the city, NOT the countryside, Baba Drago ...’

‘Corona does NOT hurt kids under ten, but it sure can kill older people. Please!’

‘The kids are going to the countryside, and so am I to self-quarantine for 14 days.’

‘I know you were in Dubai, but COVID 19 ...’

’14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, TWENTY,’ I shouted.

Daddy and Mommy, who thinked I was still sleeping, stop to quarrel.

Mommy hugs me and says: ‘Good morning, my clever Baby Drago. We are going to stay with you and Ntagu and Shosho for a short while.’

I look at Mommy. I look at my potty at the corner of the bedroom. Then I pee on the bed.

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