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How to remove makeup perfectly

Most of us are guilty of not paying attention to how we remove our makeup as long as the application was perfect (Shutterstock)

Most of us are guilty of not paying attention to how we remove our makeup. Once the day is over, we are not too concerned about how we do it, as long as the application was perfect. There are also those days that you sleep with some make up on without realizing it. With time, our skin ends up being affected and the effects of leaving make up on become more visible.

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While a huge chunk goes to flawless application, it’s time that we put more effort in how we remove it.

Below are some of the ways to properly remove make up according to beauty experts.

  1. Don’t use wipes only

A lot of dermatologists support that wet wipes don’t really get the job done well. Whether its baby wipes, make up wipes or any other type of wipes, they just won’t get it all out. In fact, it’s much better to use warm water and mild soap instead of using wipes for this purpose. If you must use them, follow up with warm water and mild soap for a more effective process.

  1. Get the right products

If you choose to use cleansers and other products that aid with makeup removal, ensure that you select the correct ones. If you are wearing water proof makeup like waterproof mascara, water based removers are likely to leave residue behind. Instead, opt for oil based removers because they are better suited to lift the makeup easily. Also, you can opt for natural oils like coconut oil to remove long wear makeup. If your makeup is not long wear, water based removers should do the job perfectly.

Dermatologists maintain that wet wipes don’t really get the job done well (Shutterstock)
  1. Let the product set in

While using these cleansing products, it’s important to rub in the product for a few seconds and let it settle for a few seconds first. When you give it enough time to work its way through your skin, it’s able to lift all the makeup off and do its job. Otherwise, applying product and washing it off too quick won’t really give you the real benefits of removing all the makeup.

  1. Use flat cotton pads

In order to remove makeup seamlessly, use cotton pads instead of cotton balls. The reason behind it is that, the pads are able to effectively remove all the makeup from stubborn areas like the eyes and hairline without leaving any residue. They are also very gentle on the skin as compared to traditional washcloths. They are simply more accurate and gentle which is why experts recommend we use them.

  1. Be gentle with your skin

At one point I naively thought that rubbing my face back and forth with a face towel will effectively get the job done and help me save time. Turns out that handling your skin roughly doesn’t help to get all the makeup off. All this does is create small tears on your skin which is painful to deal with. Part of effectively removing makeup is taking your time and being gentle. Go over some areas if you need to rather that scrubbing through in a hurry.

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