Evewoman : WCW: Yvonne Okwara, you are one serious headline


WCW: Yvonne Okwara, you are one serious headline

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Yvonne is no stranger in the media industry She has been a household name for over 10 years, most known for her hard-hitting interviews and understanding of true journalistic principles. She is a fitness enthusiast and her love for the gym can be seen by how amazing she looks. Someone sign us up:

The colour, the hair, we stan!
You are a whole news story on your own.
My double chin would never allow such an angle.
I actually love this hair on you.
So this is the machine that makes you look this good. I'm buying one.
Ouuuu Child! The short hair though..here for it!!!
100000% sure no one else looks good when they work out

Images: Instagram @okwarayvonne


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