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Joy Mboya, GoDown Executive Director, on the importance of art spaces and cultural centres

The GoDown is an art centre whose aim is to promote Kenyan creatives (Photo: The GoDown Arts Centre)

Arts play a vital role in shaping a city and its people, The GoDown Arts Centre Executive Director Joy Mboya explained in an interview with Eve Digital.  That, she adds, is why there is a need for art spaces and cultural centres in every city.

“…an art centre like this is really critical for the development of cities and critical at many different levels,” she said. “For the city of course it means that there is tourism, there’s destinations of interest for visitors and for locals.”

Many of us have driven past The GoDown along Dunga Road, Nairobi, without ever daring to venture past the gates. Personally, their art-filled walls always catch my eye, a welcome break from the dreary grey walls of Industrial Area. There mural of Lupita Nyong’o is particularly striking.

Joy Mboya, Executive Director of The GoDown Art Centre (Photo: The GoDown Arts Centre)

In case you were wondering what this place is all about, Mboya has this to say to you.

“…for the community, it means that you have public spaces that you can access for art. Families with children on the weekends can come here and enrich themselves and learn things and see thing and be part of a workshop experience.

“Artists can develop their careers and develop their talent but also there’s space for exchanging with international actors and international artists.”

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