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Fashion inspo: Idil Safina, modest wear designer

Idil Safina is a modest wear designer.Her design company, House of Idil, is known for its unique and expectational pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. The styles range from abayas to skirts and matching sets. Her latest collection is called "two faced" which she featured a few looks on her Instagram enjoy:

Idil looks stunning in one of her own creations (Photo:[email protected])
An ensemble sure to have heads turning (Photo:[email protected])
SHE.IS.THE.BOSS (Photo:[email protected])
Pull up to the board meeting looking like a million dollar cheque (Photo:[email protected])
Art appreciating Art. If you know what i mean (Photo;[email protected])
Idil "Dont mind me, just casually strolling through" Us: *Bow to the Queen* (Photo:[email protected])
The coat. The bag. The shoes. *sigh* If only we were that cool (Photo:[email protected])
It's okay to stare, we did already (Photo:[email protected])

We stan a Queen!!!!

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