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Eight reasons why Kenyan men fear accompanying their wives shopping

It is quite rare to see Kenyan men accompanying their wives to supermarkets.

While women are complaining that their husbands no longer want to extend their honeymoon romance to the marriage by accompanying them to run errands like shopping, men are blaming the economy and the ‘extravagant nature’ of women for such decisions. Below are eight reasons why men fear accompanying their wives to the supermarkets:

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1. She is Extravagant

“Some women are extravagant and would want to make sure that their men’s cash is ‘finished’ before leaving the supermarket,” one Benson intimated.

Consequently, the experience of having one’s pockets emptied in a supermarket makes men wary of making a return.

2. No Money

Some men fear telling their wives that they are broke.

Being broke like church mice, they will try to create all types of excuses to avoid the supermarket story.

3.She is untidy

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Some men use untidiness as an excuse to avoid accompanying their wives to shop.

“Who would want to walk around with a woman wearing a t-shirt written Kibaki Tena or Seng’enge ni Ng’ombe? To make matters worse, the weave has been worn for the past two months,” Munene, a matatu driver opined.

4. African timers

Unlike women who take time checking commodities and comparing prices before settling on one, men prefer a straightforward approach.  

For men, this is wastage of precious time which could be used for other purposes.

5. She is interrogatory

Some women not only like talking but also asking questions. As such, they will not hesitate to interrogate the man on why he glanced at the well-endowed college girl wearing a miniskirt.

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For some women, it is taboo for another woman to greet or hug their men while they are walking together.

To avoid these complications, many men prefer not accompanying their wives anywhere.

6. Luggage carrier

Men do not want to be turned into luggage carriers while shopping. The worst case scenario involves carrying her handbag, a thought bound to make many men cringe.

A popular TV advert is even based on a similar scenario. Still wondering why he won’t accompany you to the supermarket?

7. The fear of encountering mpango

The number of Kenyan men with side chicks is arguably on the rise.

In a bid to avoid the ugly scenario of running into the mpango wa kando while shopping with the wife, some men out of accompanying wives to the supermarket.

This risk is significantly heightened when both women stay in the same neighborhood.

8.No love Left

Couples not accompanying each other to important errands might be an indication that there is no love left between them.

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