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Joy Doreen Biira shares the secret to having long and healthy natural hair

Joy Doreen Biira

Rocking natural hair has become a popular and fashionable trend among African ladies. Joy Doreen Biira is among the female public figures in the country who have embraced the natural hair journey.

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She recently posted a photo of herself and her new baby and as much as the post was about the baby, most of her followers were interested in her natural hair.

Joy Doreen and her new baby

Something that prompted her to share tips on maintaining a healthy natural hair.

Following my previous post (pic with baby) I’ve been asked what hair products I use? And if my hair is Natural?How I maintain the mane? Yes my hair is natural (did the big chop in 2014 and several other mini chops before I let it grow again). Before I say what hair products, let me state here when I’m pregnant????????my hair grows fastest in its natural form - Don’t know if it’s the supplements (pregnacare with omega3 and folic acid), the plaiting to avoid the hair dryer or genes...its volume is healthiest and bouncy during and after pregnancy (Baby is now a little over a month old).

Now to the products and maintenance question; I treat my hair depending on what I think it needs at a given time. I KEEP IT REAL SIMPLE - I oil my scalp 1-2 times a week with Shea butter from Ghana???????? or Uganda???????? (the Scented one as I don’t like the smell of the Shea butter) or scentless coconut oil ???? (Made in Kenya????????). Once a week Or once every two weeks I will part hair and sprinkle avocado oil ????(????????) to keep hair moist. I visit the salon once every two weeks to wash, condition (I’m not so much a do-it-at-home Naturalista like the many I admire here I can’t keep up ????). I do natural hair treatment once a month (using whichever natural hair treatment the salon has at the time as I’m not too particular with with shampoo or conditioner or treatment as long as the pH levels are balanced and there are no sulphates in the ingredients.I plait it when I think it’s starting to thin out (braids, cornrows or a kinky weave) to regain its body. I blow dry hair once or twice a month. I go to the same salon and use the same stylists, they know my routine and understand my hair texture. I plait two knots in the evening, use hair cap and comb them out in the morning, it gives me super curls????????Finally I trim ends of hair and layer it once a year. I think that’s pretty much it ????. How do you maintain your natural hair?



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PS: don’t let your stylist blow dry your hair to a point you can smell it or see it “smoking”. It thins the hair very fast. Also make sure when your hair is washed, shampoo is completely washed out else it breaks when not washed thoroughly well.





As cool and cute as it may look, maintaining natural hair is not a walk in the park. So you gotta brace yourself if you intend to go the naturalistaway.

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