Evewoman : Susan Kaittany shows us how to dress a slender frame


Gorgeous photos of Susan Kaittany that will make you appreciate your body size and shape

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Finding an outfit for a slender frame is not always an easy task. However entrepreneur and model Susan Kaittany has mastered the art of dressing her slender body and slays while at it. Her style is trendy, vibrant and we are totally stealing a few of her looks.

Here are a few of her outfits that you can borrow inspiration from.

" Don't wear something that is too baggy"
" You can never go wrong in tailored pieces"
"Play around with different types of bikinis"
"How trendy is the Athleisure look?"
"Simplicity and Confidence is key when wearing such an outfit"
"You can never go wrong with a patterned dresses but let it fit right"
"Wearing baggy can be a challenge but fashion is about breaking the rules"
"The beauty of a slender frame, you can wear short outfits but accentuate with different accessories like Susan did with a belt"


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