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These are signs that prove you have a toxic mother-in-law

Mothers-in-law can be a total headache when you don’t relate well to them. As a daughter-in-law, one has to be patient and make sure they are on the right track to avoid drama. When your mother-in-law hates you, it’s going to be a rough road that can break your relationship. If your mother-in-law can’t offer the relationship you have always dreamt of, hang on and look for ways to relate to her.

Before you become part of her family, these are signs that show she hates you:

  • She excludes you from family events- spending time with family is important when it comes to in-laws because you meet your new clan, create bonds and relate. When your mother-in-law does not include you in her family events, that is a red flag she does not like you.  She could be jealous that you are the one that getting more attention from the son or the way you dress is classier than her old school clothes.

  • She insults your ethnic heritage- we are living in a generation whereby we are not following traditions. Mothers-in-law are keen with traditions because that’s how they were raised and nothing makes them happier when they see their children following their steps. Once you don’t follow the steps she took as a wife in her days, be ready for negative comments and hatred!
  • She demeans your accomplishments- there is nothing fulfilling as your work being recognized and appreciated. You know those parents that are hard to please even after winning medals or being position one? That’s the same case with the mother-in-law. She will never recognize your achievements but critique them and make you start doubting yourself.

  • She demoralizes you- this is really hurting especially if there are children in the picture. She will tell you can’t raise the children, allege that all you do is focus on work and pleasing other men. This is a huge sign that your mother-in-law does not like you and she won’t stop till she puts you down! But hey, remember anything she says should never discourage you.
  • She talks about her son’s exes- your man has dated other ladies before he settled for you and if your mother-in-law does not like you, she will always bring up his exes and talk how they treated her better and the likes. This is an indication that she is trying to get you off the path and maybe it’s time your man steps in to salvage your relationship otherwise she will take you down!

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