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6 signs that you are wearing the wrong bra


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  • Many women will struggle and go the whole mile to get well fitting clothes but when it comes to bras, anything goes really.
  • If it looks good it passes. Despite wearing bras for the better part of our lives, most women still wear wrong bras.

If you keep your girls happy they will keep you happy.

A good bra has the power to make you feel sexy and give your outfits the perfect wear. Wearing the wrong bra will lead to all manner of discomfort you might as well go braless for your health’s sake.

To get you started on the proper bra journey, you must identify whether you’re wearing the wrong bra.


  1. The underwire is digging into your skin

This commonly happens when the band size is too short. It causes the wire inside to start popping and it begins to poke you causing a lot of discomfort. You need to go a size up to avoid the wire from poking and at times coming out.

  1. Your straps keep falling

Before tossing it into the bin, adjust and tighten the straps of your bra. If this doesn’t help and you still get no support, get a bra that is a band size down.

  1. You wear it on the last hook

Normally you should wear a bra on the middle hook. When it loosens you can tighten by using the first hook to offer support.  If this doesn’t help you need a smaller sized bra.

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  1. The band is up

When you wear a bra it should sit flat and horizontally on your back. If it rides up it means it is too big and you need to go a size smaller.

  1. It is not supporting you

To identify whether or not you’re getting proper support ask yourself this one crucial question, do your girls look good in that bra? If the answer is no, you are wearing the wrong bra.

  1. There is bulging

If you find that some skin is spilling over when you wear a bra either on the back or side this means it is too small and too tight. Get one that matches your cup size.

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