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How to prevent hair loss for men

My Man

If there is anything that men fear, it is balding. Balding is a result of numerous reasons. In most cases, it is a sign of aging. It is, however, also a genetic occurrence in some cases.

Baldness, or alopecia, is total or partial loss of hair. It is caused by increased sensitivity to male sex hormones in some parts of the scalp. The hormones make the hair follicles shrink and eventually become so small that they cannot replace lost hairs. The follicles may still be alive but unable to perform their tasks.

Balding starts in men aged between 20 and 30. There is always a receding hairline, then the hair on top of the head starts thinning. The result is the two balding areas meeting forming a U-shap on the sides and the back of the head.

Would men be able to handle childbirth better than women??

If your man is losing hair, it does not mean it cannot be stopped or prevented. Here are some tips that will help the health of his hair.

Avoid washing the hair often: Most men wash their hair daily. Washing the hair often strips it of essential oils. Limit the number of times you wash your hair as much as possible. Try also to limit the amount of shampoo that you use.

Diet: Eat a balanced diet as it largely contributes to hair loss. Genetically, hair consists of proteins and as such, eating a diet with protein will support the health of your hair. Good nutrition will boost hair health and also help re-grow hair. Avoid fast food and processed food, and cut down on alcohol and sugar. Stick to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meat products (NB: Too much nyama choma is not healthy).

Facial hair: This will take away attention from your head and enhance your looks. If a big beard is what suits you, then go for it. If you have noticed, most balding men keep long beards.

Embrace it: They say accept and move on. So if you are balding, embrace it and live with it; use it to boost your confidence. You can, for example, focus on other important parts of your life and allow the hair loss to take its course. There are many celebrities and famous people who are bald. Did balding kill them?

Medication: Many medications promise amazing results in preventing hair loss, but usually these are nothing more than expensive scams that could even damage one’s health over time. There is, however, medication that can be prescribed by specialists that will help regulate the hair loss.

Herbal: A daily intake of rosemary tea is said to be effective in combating hair loss by nourishing the hair follicles.

Aromatherapy: Get a regular scalp massage using essential oils such as ginger, lavender and rosemary to help with hair loss. The result, however, is not 100 per cent and they can also be a bit costly. There is also herbal treatment that can stimulate hair growth.

Keep your hair short: Keeping your hair short will ensure your thinning hair is not very visible and it is easier to maintain. If you keep your hair long, the thinning will be more pronounced.

If you can afford plastic surgery, go for it. This too, is very costly; Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United player went through the procedure and had his bald head completely covered.

Still, a clean-shaven head is a fashionable and attractive trend.

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