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Busy wives are boring, men prefer a ‘little fun"

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One thing that troubles women throughout their lives is why men sleep with women they deem ‘lesser’ beings.

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The most vulnerable are high-flying corporate types, who have worked their butts off to climb the social ladder in high heels, kumbe the hubby is bedding the ‘ka-innocent’ house help.

It’s even worse if ‘aunty’ is not much to look at, leaving the wife seething and filing for divorce. Some men, most men, somehow, can’t resist the mboch.

No trick has worked to make men look the other way. Young underage girls, often unschooled, used to be popular. But that did not work. The men just wanted to ‘hit it.’ Middle-aged women somehow tamed them. But still, a randy man is a randy man. Older women did the trick, but they can be a handful even for the mama of the house. So why do men find ‘Miss Mboch’ attractive?

According to Prof Okumu Bigambo, an associate professor at Moi University, men are curious beings. “By nature, men are curious, love adventure and can seek it with anything or anyone regardless of their station in life.”

There is more.

“In the house, there is too much routine and the wife fails at small things, such as just smiling at the husband. There is no single moment of magic,” says the professor. And this, he says, can drive the man away. Prof Bigambo adds that wives have become too busy to appreciate the man’s sense of humor.

“Wives are stressed. If you add that to computers in the house and the invasive social media, you have a recipe for disaster in which romance is alien. This is one of the reasons men stray,” observes the professor.

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According to him, no one is to blame for this unfortunate situation.

“It is a societal and human problem. Society expects too much from women. Men too are under pressure. They rarely have time for each other and will take advantage of any opportunity for some quick fun,” he says.

Some men claim they opt for house helps because they are deprived of their conjugal rights or use the mboch to get back at wives who spite them. Others say some of the ‘aunties’ have such sexy bodies that it’s hard not to give in to temptation.

Then there are men who have no conscience and will bed anything in a skirt.

 Men notice they take care of kids, keep house clean - Expert

 According to relationship expert, Cynthia Otieno of Lamead Woman, the main reason why hot house girls are given a wide berth is that “most women assume that these girls have ulterior motives. If a woman is worried about such minor details, her relationship with the husband might suffer, especially if it is already strained.” Cynthia told us that their deftness at taking care of children, keeping the house clean and still managing to look pretty could be one of the reasons that make men take notice of housegirls.

Cynthia’s advises women not to hate or shun beautiful housegirls, but instead be more confident and secure because “a confident woman is a beautiful woman. One of the reasons that makes a man stray is a nagging wife.”

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