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How to ace a Skype interview

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The modern workplace has had some interesting developments over the past few years. We work with virtual teams spread all over the world and who we have never met face to face, our offices are remotely connected.

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Nowadays, recruiters, especially those abroad, assume that technology has been embraced by everyone. They will not blink twice about scheduling a Skype interview so if you are on the job market, you will, inevitably, encounter one.

The first time I had a Skype interview was a nerve-wracking experience. On top of interview nerves, I now had the added disadvantage of not knowing whether my connection would hold up, I couldn’t read the facial expressions of the people I was sat across from and I couldn’t create that strong first impression with a strong and confident handshake.

How do you tackle a Skype interview and leave the interviewers wanting to know more about you, and what pitfalls do you avoid?

First impressions

Your first impressions are your user name and avatar. The minute you are asked for your Skype ID, if you have had one of those that do not sound professional, create one ASAP and make sure you note the password down somewhere.

Check your avatar or profile photo, it is likely that if you use your Skype for social reasons, you will have a fun photo. Change it to something generic to avoid giving the wrong first impression.

Log into your account at least 10 minutes before the interview and check your sound settings, close all other applications in the background that could distract you.

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Gear up

Sometimes, you will end up having a video conference and sometimes not. Dress professionally, all the same, as if you were going for an in-person interview.

Avoid any jewellery that jangles when you move your hands or when you type. Suiting up will help put you in the right frame of mind. Ensure you look neat, groomed and work-appropriate.


Ensure you are taking the interview from a quiet place free of external distractions and noise.

Switch the ringtone on your phone to silent and any other devices as well. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of speaking when your phone goes off.

Remember Skype interviews tend to take a shorter time than in-person ones and you therefore have a shorter time to leave a great first impression.

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