Evewoman : 3 bags every lady must have


3 bags every lady must have

Bags are a girl’s best friend i dare say the cherry that completes your outfit. They complement our looks, it is no wonder we carry bags just because they match our outfit, even if it is just carrying our make up, phone and purse.

Aside from making us stand out they carry everything we need to get us through the day; makeup, our lunch, coffee cups, books, sandals, chargers, three purses among many other things.

Your choice of what to carry therefore depends on where you are going and what you are wearing and in some instance your body shape but that is a topic for another day.

Here are the three most common types of bags ladies carry around


Sling bags

These are the most common and liked by most ladies. They come in different shapes and sizes for your pleasure.

Sling bags are appropriate if you do not have much to carry, probably a purse, make up and your phone. You can therefore carry it along to a slow day in the office or class so long as you do not have to carry anything big like a book or your lunch.









Totes are a woman’s saving grace as they have the power of being so stylish and so voluminous at the same time. You can practically carry anything in an average Tote and no one will suspect it.

Totes are appropriate for the office, church and even brunch with the girls. They are flexible and have been labelled 'ntalala wapi' in the past due to the fact that it carries everything that is needed to last a 'hurricane'


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Clutches are hand held bags appropriate for a glitzy evening out. When paired with an overflowing dress, it will capture even more attention to you.

You can carry it around on days you do not feel like carrying much with you. Due to their size you can carry your lipstick, lip balm, eyeliner and phone and they will fit perfectly without giving it an irritating bump.

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