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Decorating with red


When people walk into a red room, they have to instantly respond. Red grabs your attention immediately, which is why it is the number one colour choice for stop signs, fire engines and ambulances.

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Red has more than one million hues. The warmer tones that are orange-tinted evoke energy and joie de vivre while cooler shades like burgundy, maroon and brick red create a more chill vibe.

Red can be used on large-scale dimensions as well as in small doses to drive the statement home. Other colours that work well with red are grey, greens, some shades of blue, beiges and whites.

Red walls in the living areas

Paint red on one accent wall your of living room, dining room or end of a corridor. The rule here is if one wall is red, you can still incorporate red in other pieces in the same room. If you decide to go bold and paint all walls in a certain room red, keep the other pieces in the room subtle. All red painted rooms will infuse an old-world charm and a feeling of glamorous living in your space.


Red in the bedroom

Red is the color of love but the irony is you should NOT use the brightest red in the bedroom, at least not as a wall color. Research says red walls do not promote good sleep, as they tend to agitate you. If you have to break this rule for your walls, go for a subtle wine red instead. Brighter shades of red can be incorporated in the bedroom by use of bedding, night lamps, bedroom rugs, curtains, overhead lighting or art.

Red furniture and accent pieces

Any red piece of furniture is deemed to be a conversation starter. Not all of us can live with a red sofa so if you are a bit coy, you can use red on smaller accent furniture like end tables, ottomans, bookcases, throw pillows, wall art or media cabinets. Combine red with other colours to create a flawless look.


Red in the kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, red is an appetite-inducing colour. You can choose red cabinetry or paint the existing cabinet doors red if they are not the laminated kind. A red backsplash or red flooring will also add an refreshing twist to your space.

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