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The business tips every woman must know


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Business tips for ladiesBe a leader

The first thing any entrepreneur should have is confidence and belief in themselves. With this confidence come focus, determination and vision.

The people under you will need a leader in you and you can’t lead them when you do not know the direction the company should take.

Tabitha Karanja, CEO Keroche Breweries, says once you have a vision as an individual and a vision for your company, you will begin to see the larger picture and begin to take futuristic risks and make futuristic strategic moves; not day to day moves.

Be patient with your people so that you can understand one another.They will then believe in you.

At first this may not be easy, but it is your duty as a leader to show them best practices and do things that bring out the best in you and in them.

Once they believe in you, you can grow together as a company and as individuals.

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