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Take the risk,be ahead in the way you see and do things to gain financial success

financial risk

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Three friends, one day, psyched one another to go into rabbit farming.

One Saturday morning, they attended a weekly half-day training on how to keep the animals commercially. They were fired up because within six months of investing, they would start reaping profit.

The start-up fund was Sh91,000 which included making cages for the rabbits, food to feed them for a month, five pregnant does and one buck. The trainers, who were recruiting people to their contract farming project, assured the three potential customers that they did not have to worry about market as they would come to their homes to buy the mature animals. During the training, the three met several young and enthusiastic rabbit farmers in the making.

The three friends had no issue raising the initial capital and they gave each other a target of starting off two weeks after the training.

One friend developed cold feet in the last minute, but two went ahead and embarked on the business.

Everything went on smoothly and a month later, each doe gave birth to between seven and 12 bunnies. The two were happy discussing progress and following the tips they received from their trainers. They wanted to be the most successful farmers.

Then something terrible happened; the bunnies suddenly died – they were jumping in the morning but by evening they were dropping dead at the speed of lightening. The two friends cried over their loss of investment and helplessly watched as their future plans went down the drain. One said she was not going to raise animals that died and asked her friend to buy her five does and buck if she wanted.

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She bought the rabbits and expanded her cages. She called the veterinary doctor who identified where they had gone wrong in exposing the bunnies to an infectious disease. Working closely with the company, she nurtured her now ten does and two bucks. The second time round the ten gave her 90 bunnies and having learnt from her earlier mistake, most of them survived.

On the seventh month of investment, she sold 80 rabbits at Sh1,000 each. Her two friends were green with envy but to console themselves, they talked about how they were not gifted with ‘business hands’. Two years since the friends went into rabbit farming with mixed results, the one who stuck firm is now one of the most famous rabbit farmers getting tidy earnings every month from selling the rabbits and other byproducts such as their urine and droppings, which are said to be rich fertiliser and hence, popular among many farmers.

The three friends present what happens to many of us when we want to improve our lives and incomes. Those who fear risks will not invest even a cent into a project they are not so sure about. In fact, they are so pessimistic that they smell failure long before they even invest and hence, withdraw from a desire to invest. Usually, these people will live and work until they retire without letting their wings fly.

The second one who took the bold step to invest but bolted at the sign of the first failure represents a large percentage of women who want to be assured that an investment will succeed before they even attempt to try it.

The one who went ahead to grow into a successful farmer represents just a small fraction of women who move and shake the world. They are willing to take risks. They see ahead and do things which ‘ordinary’ women dismiss as untenable. Because they are ahead in the way they see and do things, by the time the rest see ‘the light’, these ones have pocketed their profit and gone ahead to tread on uncharted waters.

What kind of person are you? You can work on the way you see things especially if you are like the friend who developed cold feet when it came to decision time. If you are the type that will not take risks in this life, you will not really achieve much – and benefit others.


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