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Hair Care After Workouts

Hair care
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Regular workouts at the gym pose a number of hair challenges ranging from preventing excessive sweating, to avoiding chemical damage when you take a dip in your club’s pool.

These tips will help keep your hair looking good, even after the most intense workouts:

• If your you have long hair that keep flopping into your eyes or face, tie it back, clip it or pin it up. Your hair comfort is important while you work out. 

• To prevent your hair from potential breakage, alopecia or headband headaches, avoid pulling it back too tight at the roots. Ensure it is loose enough to allow you to move freely while staying out of the way.

• Avoid excess sweat. Perspiration is good while you work out, but the natural salt from sweating can dry out delicate roots near your scalp.  If you sweat a lot, wear a cotton headband that will absorb the sweat from your forehead before it gets to your scalp.

• Don’t wear any headgear like a cap as they may block the sweat glands, leaving your hair with dry sweat spots along your hairline.

• Apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair prior to swimming if that is part of your work out regime.  Wear a swimming cap if possible. To prevent excessive chlorine damage to your hair, wet your hair with water before and after you take a dip.

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• Steamy showers are tempting after a workout, but you should avoid it as hot water shampoos dehydrate the hair. If you must rinse shower after a workout, ensure you protect your hair. Lukewarm water is the best for shampooing hair under any circumstances. 

• Sitting in steam baths, saunas or jacuzzis can dry out your hair.  Always apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair to offset the heat.  Wrapping a towel on your head will further block hair damaging heat.

• For those who enjoy a massage after a workout, ensure you condition your hair before you start.  While at it, ask your masseuse to give you a scalp massage to stimulate sluggish hair follicles. 

• If you know you will hit the shower for a post-workout shampoo, apply a conditioner to your hair before the workout. Pin the hair back and let it moisturise while you exercise. 

• If your hair is not the type that frizzes or attracts sweat, oil and dirt, wash and condition it before you arrive at the gym.  Towel blot, and then pin it up.


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