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Life dealt me a blow but I survived

Achieving Woman


Surviving after hard times
 Surving all odds

Looking back at my life, I thank God. Truly, life is a cycle with a destined end and filled with moments of setbacks.

There are times when you fall down and expect friends and family to pick you up but your eyes are opened to the bitter truth that your life fully depends on you.

Living a life believing I was cursed and tormented was the worst part. Was that really a passage of life?

The moment I will not forget is the bitter sweet love that went sour. Love and a happy marriage is every woman’s dream.

Being married to a loving and hard-working husband with two children, I had nothing to fear. If I only knew what lay ahead for me.

Imagine the rude shock I got when my husband arrived with another woman. I definitely disagreed and this raised fights. I believe she sought to solve our problems with witchcraft. I succumbed to being a victim of sorcery.

It began as a joke. I lost my job and later my sanity. These are things I got to know of when I recovered years ago. I would speak to people who no natural human being could see, but I saw them day and night. I stayed locked up in isolation in my siblings’ houses after being chased away by my husband. How was he to stay with a mad woman anyway?

When my relatives could not bear with me anymore, I was sent back my husband’s home where a series of wonders happened. I lived in a flooded house, neither eating nor drinking, the demons wouldn’t allow. My house collapsed.

The greatest pain was seeing my children suffer and I went back to my homeland. Torments made me run away and I sought refuge in my late brother’s home. Life got worse and I saw suicide as the answer. But word came to me that I would loosen my burdens if I believed in myself and stopped thinking of all around me. I had to wake up from slumber and seek deliverance.

The stark truth is as a woman, it takes courage, strength, love and belief in oneself to sustain the injuries that come with marriage. I have recovered. It has been five years now. I am away from those who harmed me, in my new job and my children back with me.

I learnt that life’s cycle has destiny and it repeats itself. I am back on my feet. My resolution is to stay as close to God and change lives of any young woman losing hope. Such a history shouldn’t repeat itself. You do not want to know what happened to my co-wife.

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