Groom shot at wedding reception

By Allan Olingo

Three men accused of shooting a bridegroom at a wedding reception were arrested in a Doncaster police swoop, a court heard.

Jason McInerney, Kirk McInerney and Martin Carty were picked up by officers at a house in Blaxton by officers investigating an attack by a balaclava-wearing gunman in Slough, Berkshire, UK.

McInerney, aged 20, of Romford, Essex, brother Kirk, 18, of no fixed address, and cousin Carty, 18, of Kingsbury, north-west London, denied attempted murder and robbery.

A gunman opened fire on bridegroom Joshua Mitchell. The construction worker, now 20, was hit in the upper thigh in an apparent attempt to “sexually mutilate” him.

Bride Mary-Ellen told Reading Crown Court her husband tapped her on the shoulder and said: “I think I’m going to die.”

She said: “I was talking to my mum and I turned round to look at him. I thought it was tomato ketchup, I thought it was a laugh at first.”

Mary-Ellen, now 21, told the court the man who she said shot her husband had in the months before their wedding showered her with expensive gifts and turned up on a number of occasions unexpectedly as she was out with friends.

She said he asked her out, but she told him she still loved her now husband. Mary-Ellen stopped calling Mr Delaney after she and Mr Mitchell were reunited.

She said the last time they spoke was a week before her wedding and she told him not to call any more because she was getting married.